About Eponasoft

Eponasoft is a multiplatform developer of entertainment, educational, and utilitarian software. We mainly focus on the PC (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD) and PC Engine, but are expanding into the realm of the Playstation Network (PS4 and Vita), as well as iOS.

Eponasoft's core team includes:

Our leading lady, Equuskia is the Executive Director of Eponasoft and also serves as our Creative Director.

The oldest on staff, Nodtveidt is the Senior Project Manager and serves as chief programmer and writer.

A natural visionary with a sharp mind for design, Nando serves as Visual Artist, conceptualist, and marketing expert.

Others are contracted on a by-project basis:

Justin "Black Tiger" Cheer
An expert in color and pixel art, Justin is responsible for the beautiful backgrounds in the "Lucretia: Demon Princess" production.

Jamie "Unicorn Princess" Billings
A graduate of Berklee College Of Music, Jamie composed the music for Eponasoft's "Monolith" production. She also plays a mean flute.

Rosa "FrozenUtopia" Ruiz
Rosa is a protégée of programming under Nodtveidt's instruction. She primarily handles programming tasks for our PC line of software.

"Sunteam" Paul Weller
With some serious skills in the art of the old-school pixel, Paul drew much of the background art for the PC Engine version of "Monolith".