Friday, March 31, 2017

Merger And Blog Closing

As of 4/9/17, the Eponasoft blog will be taken down. As one could easily tell, it has not been updated in years, so there's really no need for it to exist anymore. All news is generally posted on the Facebook page when it becomes available, and maintaining two sites seems redundant. So, this page will be taken down.

As many know, Eponasoft entered into a merger with The Sarumaru Company last year, forming Saru Studio. Sarumaru has taken over the remaining asset creation duties for Lucretia: Demon Princess, and we now have a more solid estimate for its final release, which will roughly coincide with the PC Engine release of Henshin Engine in July of this year. Additionally, plans have been made to produce a PC build of Lucretia: Demon Princess using Eponasoft's ERGE engine, the same game engine that powers the PC build of Henshin Engine.

Lucretia: Demon Princess will be released under both the Eponasoft and Saru Studio labels. Any future projects, including Henshin Engine, will be solely produced under the Saru Studio label. Any and all orders or preorders of games will take place at Saru Studio rather than here.

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