Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving Forward

Project Monolith has been officially re-opened and is moving forward due to the success of the PCE pressing over at Frozen Utopia. The production has moved to the front of our production queue and should wrap up sometime before the end of 2012.

The unnamed game is also moving forward. From now on, it will be referred to as "Hastilude". Production of this game has been moving slowly due to other issues, but it will share the front of the production queue with Monolith from now on; both games will be developed concurrently.

Eponasoft is not currently pursuing any other productions. Azúcar hasn't yet entered the prototype phase, so it will stay dormant until Hastilude is at the working prototype phase. Also, the plan to port Mysterious Song to the Xbox 360 is on hold for the time being, and no plans are being formulated yet to port Monolith to the Xbox 360.


  1. any word on if you are going to be taking pre-orders on PCE stuff?

    1. In order to avoid a Pier Solar or Mysterious Song type debacle, we will not be doing nay pre-orders until games are ready to go to press.

  2. cool....looking forward to pce goodness in the future! anything you put out i'll be buying