Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Platforms

Due to the recent issues with having games pressed for the PC Engine, Eponasoft has decided to branch out a little bit. We're now developing for the Xbox 360 as well as Windows and Linux.

Project Monolith has been on standby while the issues with manufacturing are resolved. We are not going to reopen this production until actual physical product of the test game, Mysterious Song (by Frozen Utopia), is delivered. Eponasoft is already in the process of producing an Xbox 360 port of Mysterious Song, with greatly enhanced visuals. Project Monolith may find itself ported as well. Neither of these ports will actually appear on the Xbox 360 until the physical versions of the PC Engine originals are delivered.

Eponasoft has also teamed up with Matwek to produce a conceptual strategy/board-type game. This currently unnamed prototype has been moving forward rather smoothly while other projects are on standby. The current prototype is for Windows but is easily portable to Linux. If all goes well, it may get other ports as well, including console ports.

Finally, we have one other project for the Xbox 360 planned but not yet in production. Called "Azúcar" (the Spanish word for "sugar"), it is a top-down shooter-type game with some rather unique concepts. We have an artist prepared to start on the graphics work for the production but the project is not moving forward until some other things are ironed out first.