Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two New Shooters On The Way, New Artist Signed

Eponasoft has just recently taken on two new productions for the PC Engine, and both are shooters, the console's biggest claim to fame.

First up is a horizontal shooter named Metro Blaster, designed by T2KFreeker. The details of this production are still being ironed out and no talent has yet been brought on board to develop content, but a prototype game engine is presently in the works. More details on this awesome side-scroller will be revealed later.

Secondly, Fragmare of MindRec has resurrected the much-anticipated Xymati, which will now be coded by Eponasoft. This is a vertical shooter with a dizzying array of weapons, enemies, and environments. The graphics are incredible and the soundtrack is epic shooter fare, something along the lines of Gate Of Thunder.

Finally, in Project MONOLITH news, Kyle Graham has been signed onto the project, bringing his unique art style to the cutscene work. A blend of Japanese and European styles, the cutscenes in MONOLITH will be unlike anyone has ever seen in a PC Engine RPG. Watch this blog for new screenshots as work progresses.

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