Monday, October 24, 2011

Monolith Is Back In Production

With work winding down on MSR over at Frozen Utopia, Project MONOLITH is back in production full-time. The first order of business is to implement Paul's new pixel work. So far, this is going extremely well. The Village handler was the first subprogram to receive the updated pixels, sporting a shiny new triple-layer tile parallax scroller. The Dark Castle handler will be next, followed by the Forest handler. The new Dark Castle tileset includes 8-way parallax, and the Forest tileset is a split-screen beauty, with deep layers of scrolling for the bottom half and a gorgeous moonlit night scene on the top half.

A new youtube video will be released at some point within the next 48 hours, displaying the Village and Dark Castle subprograms. The NPC and dialogue subroutines will be added to the Village handler as part of the demonstration.

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  1. Could be one of the best pce games of all time.